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Metro Aviation is the chosen provider for children’s hospitals because decades of experience have provided Metro Aviation with an intimate understanding of the unique needs of a children’s transport program. As your aviation partner in a traditional, children’s hospital-based air medical program, Metro Aviation will expertly manage your aviation operations allowing the organizational leadership to focus on the clinical team management and quality of the care provided, along with establishing your own billing rate and terms. If needed, we also have content experts in air medical transport operations, dispatch and communications, and revenue cycle management that are available upon request to assist (at no additional cost) to ensure your program’s success.

We also complete most of the children’s teams’ aircraft in the industry.  The pediatric teams are equipped with everything they need to provide high quality care, including combinations of nitric oxide therapies and High Frequency Ventilation (HFV) for respiratory care, CMAC video laryngoscope cameras that allow crews to safely visualize the small pediatric airway in the event they must place a breathing tube, and more.

Children’s programs within the Metro Family include:

All In

In 2016, Metro collaborated with Ferno Aviation to develop a first-of-its-kind, low-profile Incubator Transporter (IT) for the Airbus EC135 helicopter.  The innovation was in response to med crews having difficulty loading and unloading incubators due to the low clearance at the rear cargo doors on the aircraft, and answered the need for dual-purpose equipment that loads easily into both an aircraft and a ground ambulance.

“We work closely with our customers, so whenever we have an opportunity to develop something that will help them do their job more effectively, we are all in,” said Metro Aircraft Configuration Coordinator Amy McMullen.  “By partnering with Ferno, we have created a solution to help pediatric teams get off the ground quicker.”

Metro Aviation holds a variety of STC’s and is continually listening to our customers’ needs to accommodate their ever-changing mission.