Traditional Operations

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Experience the Difference

Within the air medical industry, there are basically three types of operations:

  • Traditional
  • Community-based
  • Alternative

As a traditional operator, Metro provides pilots and mechanics for hospital-based programs so we can focus on what we know best – aviation.  We leave the medical staff and billing up to the hospital, so you can focus on what you know best – patient care.

In traditional operations, the hospital owns the program and Metro provides a service. That service goes well beyond the safe and efficient transfer of crew and patient from A to B, however.  Metro is always innovating and proactively engaging its family of traditional customers, providing countless value-added resources to better their programs every day.

The Metro Family

Metro operates over 140 aircraft in 24 states across the country.  We are dedicated to providing safe, high quality aviation services for our customers so that they may deliver the rapid response needed for the stabilization and transport of adult, pediatric, newborn, and high-risk patients.  Click here to meet our Operations Customers.



Metro is the largest family-owned, traditional operator in the world.  As such, we don’t answer to shareholders.

We have never set a budget or sales goals and we continually invest our earnings back into the company for safety initiatives.  For instance, we invested millions of dollars into the Helicopter Flight Training Center when we opened its doors in 2012.  It now houses four simulators and is a training hub for not only Metro pilots, but the entire industry.  We’ve put money into enhancing safety by outfitting our entire fleet with the Outerlink IRIS system and overhauling our Operational Control Center (OCC) to improve safety and operational oversight of our fleet.