Metro wants to ensure that its partners not only survive in the ever-changing air medical climate, but excel and continue to provide their communities with excellent service.  That commitment led to the development of our outreach team, consisting of  two Directors of Transport Business Services and a Director of Customer Revenue Cycle Support, to directly support Metro’s family of operations customers.

The team, along with Metro’s upper management, works closely with each of Metro’s programs on an individual and value-added basis to determine the best solutions for the multitude of challenges they face.  Though Metro’s family of air medical programs all share the commonality of being traditional, they each have unique situations that require a highly customized approach when shaping go-forward strategies for their respective futures.  Metro provides each and every one of its operational customers with a sounding board, a consultant, and an industry expert right at their fingertips.

Customer Events

Each year, Metro invites its operations customers to join us for our Leadership Education, Advancement and Development (LEAD) seminar.  The time away provides great opportunities for our family of operations customers to network, share ideas, receive industry updates, and attend presentations to assist with the various factors of program management.

Metro also hosts an annual Customer Appreciation Party.

Product Support

Metro Aviation keeps an ample supply of spare parts on-hand. We typically invest nearly twice what our competitors invest per aircraft in initial inventory purchases for a new base startup. Inventory is maintained in a cloud-based system to allow real time parts visibility and shipping from its main facility or field bases, meaning reduced out of service times for Metro programs.

The Metro Product Support website allows the Metro family to stay up to date on product changes, download manuals and receive aircraft specific support.

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Metro Aviation is constantly growing our capabilities and expanding our reach. Metro holds more than 30 Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) and completes about 35 aircraft each year for U.S. customers and global clients.


Metro Aviation is constantly growing our capabilities and expanding our reach. We are proud to partner with these outstanding hospital partners and provide air medical transport to communities across the country.