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Metro Aviation is the provider of choice for Academic Medical Centers because decades of experience have provided Metro Aviation with an intimate understanding of the unique patient care requirements for these highly specialized clinical teams.

From the first air medial EC155 at the University of Michigan’s Survival Flight that can accommodate an ECMO team of four, to the University of Utah’ AirMed’s ability to transport patients on a balloon pump at high altitude, Metro Aviation has excelled in finding solutions to these challenges.

Metro Aviation will expertly manage your aviation operations allowing the organizational leadership to focus on the clinical team management and quality of the care provided, along with establishing your own billing rates and terms. If needed, we also have content experts in air medical transport operations, dispatch and communications, and revenue cycle management that are available upon request to assist (at no additional cost) to ensure your program’s success.

Metro operates 155 aircraft across the states, both fixed wing and rotor wing.  We are in 28 states with over 1,000 employees.

University programs within the Metro Family include: