MedEvac Foundation International awards Metro Life Flight doctor

April 9, 2020

Source: Vertical Magazine

The MedEvac Foundation International has awarded Metro Life Flight chief flight nurse practitioner, Dr. Robert Grabowski, the Dr. Suzanne Wedel Scholarship to attend the 2020 Medical Transport Leadership Institute (MTLI) Graduate School. Dr. Grabowski received the scholarship based on his extensive research efforts and importance in improving safety. Because of his dedication, he has gone to great advances to increase his expertise of medical aspects in the critical care industry.

MTLI enhances the leaders of critical care transport operations through a formalized continuing education program. Once participants receive their Certified Medical Transport Executive (CMTE) designation, training continues with annual graduate workshops to enhance the education foundation previously established.

The Dr. Suzanne Wedel Scholarship is awarded to an emerging leader in the critical care transport industry who actively contributes to the leadership of the medical transport community and/or demonstrates a commitment to improving patient care through research in the critical care transport industry. “I attribute much of my growth, drive, and development as a leader and administrator, to the experience I had at MTLI.” stated Robert. “My short-term goal is to better my knowledge and understanding of my discipline and industry, as well as
contribute to the current dearth of evidence-based practice within our industry.”

“This STEM scholarship will honor the legacy of Dr. Wedel and support the advancement of the air medical transportation community through professional education and research,” said Jeanette Eaton, Sikorsky’s Regional Executive for the U.S. and Canada.  “Dr. Wedel was a recognized expert and true leader in the air medical transport community for nearly 30 years, and Dr. Grabowski has followed in her footsteps in an impressive way, with his organizational leadership at Metro Life Flight and his many years of research in the medical field.”

“Our company’s founder, Igor Sikorsky, dedicated his career to ensuring the helicopter would become a life-saving machine, and thanks to people like Dr. Grabowski and Dr. Wedel, we all have had the opportunity to see Mr. Sikorsky’s vision come to bear.”

“The Foundation is thrilled to award Dr. Grabowski the Dr. Suzanne Wedel Scholarship” said MedEvac Foundation president and CEO, Cameron Curtis. “MTLI provides the skills for leaders to not only accelerate learning for themselves but also in our industry and beyond. Dr. Grabowski is a valuable member of the critical care transport industry and exemplifies the qualities that Dr. Wedel demonstrated throughout her prestigious career.”

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