When Metro Aviation relocated to its current facility from several airport hangars, they never imagined they would fill all of the available space. Upon the acquisition of a former Solo Cup manufacturing facility in 2007, Metro transformed the building into a comprehensive completions/operations facility with paint, avionics, machining, production and installation areas. The facility has since undergone three expansions and is now home to a state-of-the-art training center in addition to improvements made to its original space, and all of this is under one roof.

The 160,000 sf Metro Headquarters is a FAA Certified Airframe Modification, Maintenance, Inspection and Repair Facility.  

  • 4,000sf avionics
  • 20,000sf production
  • CNC machine shop with 4 CNC machines
  • 3,000sf engine & accessory overhaul
  • 50,000sf hangar
  • 3 climate controlled paint booths
  • 12,000sf training center


Interested in visiting Metro Aviation?  Please contact Metro's Marketing Director Kristen King to schedule a tour!

Virtual Tour coming soon. 



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