Few companies can provide the many services, dedication, stability and excellence that Metro Aviation offers when it comes to owning and operating aircraft. Metro Aviation currently operates more than 130 aircraft for more than 30 programs in 18 states across the country.

Our Operations division provides pilots and maintenance technicians for the aircraft that respond to emergency scene calls and inter-hospital transfers. We are dedicated to providing safe, high quality aviation services for our customers so that they may deliver the rapid response needed for the stabilization and transport of adult, pediatric, newborn, and high-risk patients.

Metro Aviation was the first air medical provider to equip its entire fleet with Night Vision Goggles (NVG’s). Our pilots receive annual simulator training to simulate real word situations and prepare them for various flight conditions. Our pilots are also educated in human factors and decision-making, including IIMC, crew resource management and crew coordination.

In addition to pilot training, our maintenance technicians receive factory maintenance training from Turbomeca and Pratt & Whitney. We also provide human factors and fatigue training to the maintenance team.


For more information about our operations, contact Kenny Morrow at 318-698-5213 or kmorrow@metroaviation.com.

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