MetroAlert is a lifesaving app that can reduce response time by up to five minutes.  When air transport is needed, hospitals and first responders can use MetroAlert to instantly notify one of Metro Aviation’s bases and send GPS coordinates using the "Helo Alert" function.

MetroAlert 1.4, released February 2014, improves the communication path for communication centers by utilizing encrypted SSL transmission through a desktop application. First responders receive real-time updates on the estimated arrival time of the aircraft, and communication center personnel have the ability to add other users to active transports, for instance a cardiologist or ER doctor.

App users in the field also have the ability to send photos to the communication center, without that photo being stored on their phone. The app provides a secure connection for trasnmitting messages. When data connectivity is limited, the app will revert to SMS messaging, but not before warning the user that they are no longer using a secure connection.

MetroAlert is free and currently available in the app store for the iPhone and Android devices. MetroAlert may be utilized by any EMS partner within the service area of a Metro Aviation customer.

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