Our aircraft completions center installs full air medical and law enforcement kits, components and avionics packages for new and existing customers. We also have extensive experience in offshore, utility, VIP and corporate aircraft.

Metro’s highly trained and dedicated staff are available during the entire completion process as we build your new aircraft to your precise specifications. Our Aircraft Configuration Coordinator is in constant communication with our customers every step of the way. From the production design review to your on site tour and paint design, we are a trusted partner to ensure the aircraft is completed to the specifications outlined in the scope of work and all new modifications suggested by the customer are tested and approved by the FAA.

Metro Aviation has received over 20 Supplemental Type Certificates (STC's) and performed numerous installations on the following aircraft:

  • EC155 - EMS (STC’d & completed first EMS interior in U.S.)
  • EC145 - EMS, Options, SP/DPIFR, AC (over 75 aircraft completed)
  • EC145 T2 - EMS, Options (STC'd and completed first T2 in U.S.)
  • EC135 - EMS, Options, SPIFR, GTN SPIFR, AC (over 200 aircraft completed)
  • EC130 - EMS, Options
  • AS350 - EMS, Litter, HTAWS, ADS-B
  • AS365 - EMS
  • BK117 - AC
  • BO105 - EMS, Options

Inside Metro

Metro is an FAA Certified Airframe Modification, Maintenance, Inspection and Repair center with over 70,000 square feet of hangar and production space. We are also an FAA Certified Engine Inspection, Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul Service Center with over 3,000 square feet of engine and accessory overhaul space. Metro is an FAA Certified Avionics Installation and Repair Station with over 4,000 square feet of avionics work space. Our facility in Shreveport boasts two climate-controlled paint booths to accommodate our busy paint schedule.

Metro Aviation keeps an ample supply of spare parts (including main gear boxes and engines) on-hand. We typically invest nearly twice what our competitors invest per aircraft in initial inventory purchases for a new base startup. This is yet another prime example of our commitment to our customers and keeping their aircraft in service.


For more information on our completion services, contact Milton Geltz at 318-698-5211 or

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